Battlefield Commander

is an American attitude… an American brand.  To stand up for what is right, what is just, what is honorable.

Meet Miss Emma Dwyer, the Battlefield Commander Foundation William Mulligan scholarship recipient.

Please see the first Battlefield Commander Foundation awards event, #20engagement22, held at New Jersey Institute of Technology on Saturday, 1 October 2022.  

The foundation for all in the operation SHALL be the 7 virtues:


The effective Battlefield Commander follows the Battlefield Commander 21 Precepts for the benefits of the operation.

These 21 Precepts are not only the “rules” that the Battlefield Commander should utilize to deal with each portion of the operation, but contain values that all should live their lives.

1. Humility be thy goal.
2. Situation dictates the rule.
3. Control the controllables.
4. Put the person you are in the battle with the person you want to be and let them exist.
5. Become what you are capable of becoming.
6. Strategy plus systems equals success.
7. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.
8. Energy is the primary factor in controlling and maneuvering fate.
9. Give way as to conquer.
10. Your perception is your reality.
11. Overcome the objection before it becomes an objection.
12. Lessons will be learned.
13. I am the sheath that houses the sword.
14. Attitude reflects leadership.
15. Truth is singular, it’s versions are mistruths.
16. If you get up more than you get knocked down, you win.
17. Time is the most valuable commodity in the Universe.
18. Stay loose until the point of impact.
19. Without alignment, there is no balance.
20. You don’t have to believe… you just have to do the right thing.
21. Answer your most important question.​